What types of activities will campers do?

Manga is offering African dance and drum camps, combined with African arts and crafts with different African countries themes each week. Please check the spring or summer themes offered for more details.

How do campers get the art supplies? (In-person/Virtual)

Manga will provide the main supplies.

When proceedeing with the in-person format, the ssupplies will be handed on-site.

For the virtual format, a curbside pick-up supplies will be scheduled each Sunday before the start of the upcoming camp  week. Our welcome message sent to families after registration, will include a note about the pick-up. We will be following the CDC guidelines.

Enter from Euclide avenue entrance. Turn on Austin Avenue to reach the front entrance of the Little 5 points community center building, park and pick up the supplies . A manga representative will be there to hand out the supplies.

Also we ask campers to get these supplies on hand:

  • Permanent markers ( sharpies or any other brands, permanent)

  • Glue stick or liquid glue

  • Scissors

  • White blank sheet of printer paper

  • Clear protection paper sheet

  • Crayons/ colored pencils

What do campers need to wear for dance and art ?

Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes for dance outside; old clothes for the arts.. We are using paints and markers. We provide old T-shirts to protect campers' clothes as well.

What to expect on a typical day?

There will be one group.  The day is structured for 45 minutes each for the drum and dance activities. The art and language will run for 1:20 minutes.

Are there breaks during camp?

Yes. The drum and dance will give 5 minutes break during each activity; while the art component will provide 10 minutes break before the activity. These breaks are structured to allow campers to have a snack or rest. 5 minutes pause from drum to dance and 10 minutes from dance to arts will be set to allow a smooth transition into the next activity.

Do campers need supervision? ( Virtual)

Campers do not require parents' supervision. We are only asking for parents to set up the painting supplies for the young ones, and provide a covered working space against spilling or markers stains.

How do campers get back online after break or in case of loss connection? (Virtual)

We will be using Zoom.com

On each day, before 9:00 A.M., a message will be sent to invite campers to join the camp. Another one will follow with the login credentials to have in hand to get back  to camp after break, or if a loss of connection happens.


Will there be a refund if campers can't continue?

No refund.